Krasnoyarsk (kraz-nee-arsk)

This is one of central Siberia's major cities. It is the capital of Krasnoyarsk Krai (a krai is a major political division along with republic and oblast. This was one of Russia's closed to foreignors cities until 1990. When we landed it was somewhere around 12F below zero (in mid April, But it's a dry cold). "KrasNi" is Russian for "red", the color of the soil and rocks. I am guessing that "arsk" means "place".

Max and I are here to work on a siberian moth DSS with the Sukachev Institute of Forestry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The burned out section of the office building across the screet from the Hotel Oktyabrskaya.  
The not-burned out section of the office building across the street from the Hotel Oktyabrskaya.  
Apartments near the Forestry Institute.  
The Forestry Institute. (The Kwacha House with heat.)  
The view out the front of Yuri and Tanya's 7th floor flat. The Forestry Institute is just past the white apartments and farther on are ski slopes. Yuri is our sponsor here and Tanya is his lovely wife.  
The view out the rear of Yuri and Tanya's flat.  

The Yensiey River.


It hasn't had any ice despite extreme sub-zero temperatures for over 30 years, since they built the power plant just upstream.

The bridge over the River Yensiey.  
The Physics Institute.  
The "Woz", Russia's answer to the SUV. This baby is a Spartan cross between a 60's VW love van and a Hummer. No seat belts and I can't tell which end is which but it has four wheel drive, extreme clearance, and an indestructable nature.  
A couple of Lada's. submitting to the Woz's dominance.  
Yuri's Soviet era apartment building. They can be WAY better on the inside.  
Yuri, Max, and The Woz. Yuri Baranchikov is our man here in Russia. He is the department head of the Forest Zoology Department at the Forestry Institute. Max has been coming to Russia since Soviet times. He claims it's way modern now. By the way, Yuri is the guy who looks like a Russian and Max is the guy who looks like Papa Smurf without all the blue.  
In Zambia it was "Jerry Springer". In Russia it's "Zena - Warrior Princess" and James Bond films. It's pretty surreal to watch "Octopussy" dubbed into Russian. Ah, but Russian MTV has a reality-TV show called "Money" where a rich dude can score a trophy squeeze.  
How could it be Russia without wotka? Both bottles, the Gzhelka Wotka and the Akba Minerale (water, wasser, aqua...) cost the same amount: about $2.00 each. In Moscow the water was twice as much. Oh, there is cheaper vodka (it has an image of a fur laden hunter on the label), but we have our pride. Did you notice that the vodka was half-again as big as the water?  
Inside The Woz. Note the somehow familiar looking badge between the visors. We are not the first...  
The Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater. My first opera. En Italiano! I was awake for most of the show. There was no fat lady, so I did not know when it was over. Another urban myth busted.  
A view along Mir Prospect (Peace street). Note the Zambian quality to the berm trees.  

Local TV interlude...

A classic film: "The Gods Must Be Crazy"

A sure sign of a free press: "Sex and the City" on broadcast TV.  
A building abandoned during mid construction in the early 90's.  
A foot bridge across the river.  
There are lots of these log buildings, some small, some large and fancy like this one.  
Some more bobbed ("lopped" in Forester terms) trees. We are still researching why they do this. They are this way all over the city.  
Now off to the Russian far east...