NetWeaver Grants Program

Rules of Thumb's grants program issues NetWeaver licenses to qualified foreign students. We recognize how difficult it is for foreign studying students to fund software purchases. The grants program has three objectives:

  1. to assist promising graduate students
  2. to promote the work of those students
  3. to promote the value of NetWeaver

Some of our grant recipients to date:

note: Not all grant recipients are listed above.

Instructions for applicants:

Please submit an abstract of your intended use of NetWeaver and what you hope to accomplish with it. Feel free to include a short bio (a biographical description of yourself). Also, please include any links you think relevant to your project or research.

If we accept your proposal we will grant you one free license and create a page on our web site(s) describing your project. In return we expect you to give us updates to the status of your work and we will (or you can) update the web page accordingly. We also expect you to give credit to the software in your research where it is warranted.

The fine print

  • The program is available only to foreign students studying abroad.
  • NetWeaver must play a fundamental role in the student's research.
  • Grants are issued based on the merits of the proposal.
  • Preference will be made for those with economic hardship.
  • We reserve the right to limit the overall number of licenses issued.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time.
  • Our decisions are final.